In the Northeast, almost everyone has a basement.

If you can see through the usual clutter, visualize a basement transformed into a wonderful, intimate additional living area.

For this couple, we designed two versions for their consideration. Both have the utility area enclosed, and a separate exercise area.

The first one is more of a family room with a bedroom and dedicated bath. 

The second version is more of a separate, downstairs living space with a little kitchenette and dining area.  The bedroom has a longer path to enter, making it a bit more intimate. Notice the exercise area has half walls and columns framing the opening, so it can be used while communicating with people in the living room areas.  Closets abound.  Can there ever be too much storage space ?

In this basement, there was a large area with very low headroom where the utilities were located.  Also a concern:  there were multiple plumbing drain clean outs that needed to be enclosed, yet accessible if the need arose.  We specified removable panels set flush with the sheetrock wall planes.  The walls were heavily insulated for comfort in the dead of winter.  The normal basement windows received splayed openings to let in the maximum amount of light.  Lots of additional light was also provided, especially over the new storage cabinets and countertop areas. 

In this view of the same basement we used our software to create a 3D view that has project specifications on it, with dimensions and descriptions.  As much information as is needed is easily added for clarity during design and construction.

3d computer home design

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