Decks are a favorite addition to provide comfortable outdoor spaces for relaxation and entertaining.

The first example was designed to reuse the lower deck, with a new, stronger, larger main portion, and new stairs to ground level on the left side.  The wide upper stairs are instant seating for guests that are wide enough to still allow passage for others.

The second example was low enough that railings were not required.  We provided seating benches all around to make sitting out and enjoying a nice day easier to do on a whim.  No need to drag out the outdoor furniture.  The benches also keep guests out of the poison ivy. (What ? on Cape Cod ?)  You can see how the benches will be constructed since we hid portions of the seating area to show how it will be done.

The design was complicated by the fact that the owner wanted to reuse a number of existing footings.  We accomplished this by carefully locating support beams and by running the mahogany decking in two directions so that it looked like a design element instead of a necessary compromise.  It overlooks Cape Cod Bay.

In this example, the old, rotting deck was replaced and expanded with two stairs, one to the driveway (foreground) and another that allows easy access from the back kitchen door to the walk out basement area on the far end of the house.

This deck has multiple levels with “pausing” areas where people can sit and gather on the way down to the lawn and driveway. Another exit is in the rear.  It has lattice panels to screen the construction.  This is rendered using the “sketch” method.  It shows design elements with a minimum of visual distraction.

3d computer home design

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With a porch, you get a nice deck as a bonus !

This couple wanted a new workshop and decided to add a nice porch to connect the shop with the front doors. After exploring the option of a shed roof porch the full length, we opted for the version you see here as a way of accenting the “real” front door.  Notice the second door to the left.  There was always confusion previously as visitors did not intuitively know which door to choose.  Now there is an obvious choice.

This couple wanted a porch with some south facing views, but not large enough to impact the width of the home overall.  Four feet seems to be about a minimum width for usability with six feet being preferred as it allows comfortable seating with room to pass by without falling off the porch.

In this house makeover (shown elsewhere), the porch is really the focal point and has two areas for seating and simultaneously provides a grand entrance that totally transforms the house.  The early morning sun shown here would be great for sitting out on a spring or fall morning with your first cup of coffee.

Here is a typical front porch upgrade to a classic Cape home that gives wonderful covered space for a warm summer day.  See the “Choices” page for the other options we looked at before choosing this one.

This couple decided to utilize their generous roof configuration to provide a sheltered area by simply continuing the main roof out over their deck.  You are looking at the handicapped ramp that leads to the main porch which is north facing, and has a spectacular view of a marsh / inlet in Yarmouth and will be a great place to watch the comings and goings of the wildlife there.

This gentleman wanted a nice screen porch to replace a deck.

We designed a generous new bug free zone for him.