With the recent economic turmoil,  fewer new homes are being considered.

If you are in the market for a new home, fine tuned to your exact specifications, you are looking in the place to get that to happen.

This couple carefully considered a host of options while we designed their new home.  The garage has a automobile lift inside, so we created a high ceiling so a classic car can continue to get the TLC is needs.  The dormer directs light deep inside the living room, and the entry porch is a sheltering haven when keys are coming out.  A custom office / laundry area provides a private workspace and entry from the garage area.  The master bedroom suite on the sunny side and an guest suite on the opposite end ensure privacy for all.  The framing in the first floor is configured to make the basement wide open and useable with no protruding center beam dictating a future layout.  A sunroom on the back side provides an additional area for congregating with access to the back yard and patio.

This couple had purchased a lot near the shore with a great view of an estuary and wildlife area.  The lot constraints made siting of the house and it’s outer dimensions crucial.  They had strong ideas about the overhanging “prow” roofs with exposed framing and heavy timbers make a strong design statement.  The low pitch roofs fit well in with the low foliage of the area.

This home was built in Brewster and features a full width front porch with any entry bump our that houses the coat closet, a rear entry with a covered patio, box bay windows, a cathedral living room area with a balcony office area with two bedrooms on the second floor and a master suite on the first floor.  The kitchen has an intimate roof line with skylight right over the center island.

This home replaced a tiny, falling down cottage in a turn of the century shorefront colony.

The wrap around “porch” extends around three sides. The two side porches are part of the house envelope and the front, a screened porch. One side is the kitchen, dining and living area, the far side is the master bedroom and the second floor is guest bedrooms. The second floor required a steel frame for support.  The trim is red cedar which requires virtually no maintenance.

This home replaced another tiny cottage that was beyond redemption.

We created the house with our software and then placed it on the compact lot so the owner and the neighbors could see and approve of the design and style.  Passed with flying colors.

This young couple owned a serviceable and roomy home that was in need of some serious changes.  They had the foresight to see its potential and were ready to make their personal stamp on a home they loved in a great area.

The garage had been utilized only for storage, and was converted to a large family room with copious light.  The bland front entry was totally reimagined with a soaring, two story atrium and framed with strong Craftsman style columns and features.  The twin porches shelter them during different parts of the day.  The arched metal roof configuration is mirrored in dual arch top windows.

Lots of added trim details add interest and shadows all during the day.

3d computer home design

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